We recently sat down with vlogger Taren Guy to get the scoop on her Luv & Learn Your Hair tour. The natural guru is traveling across the U.S.A., as well as across the pond to teach women how to accept and love their curls. Taren dished on her favorite traveling product trio, along with how she escaped her “hair prison.” Dig in.

CurlBOX: What’s your mission for LLYH? What do you want women to get out of it? 

Taren Guy: The reason I started ‘Luv & Learn Your Hair’ was because I felt there was a need to focus on INSPIRING and EDUCATING simultaneously within the natural hair community. Being both educated on HOW to care for your hair, while in turn being INSPIRED by learning to LOVE your hair seems like the perfect solution for a much easier and enjoyable journey every step of the way.

My vision is to take ‘Luv & Learn Your Hair’ on the road to help women all over become comfortable with being FREE and beautiful. It’s deeper than just hair. Having fun, being confident and learning about our natural hair causes a trickle-down effect which can trigger a ‘bigger picture change’ in other aspects of our lives.

CB: How have you personally conquered any fears you may have had with wearing your natural hair? 

Taren: I’ve learned to enjoy the freedom that comes with natural hair. There’s a difference between just wearing it as a style vs. actually embracing it! Before my big chop in 2011, although I was natural, I still wasn’t FREE. I was stuck in a hair prison. Curl envy, and being obsessed with the perfect curl definition became a chore and with all of that work, I found that I still wasn’t happy with it and being natural was not an enjoyable experience.

It’s been two years since I’ve “freed” myself from that old perception and now I fully accept what I like to call, my “beautiful mess.” Frizz and all!

CB: How do women feel about their natural hair in other countries? Have you found that they are more free or more cautious than women in the U.S.A.?  

Taren: Well my last trip outside of the U.S was to Panama and I must say it was a very different experience. There were people who literally pointed and laughed at my Afro in the street. I did have the opportunity to speak with a Panamanian woman later on and she said in her own words “most of us just like straight hair better.” I feel there are so many layers as to WHY this is the case, which is why I would LOVE to bring LLYH to these other countries where women of color reside such as Latin America, countries in Africa and Europe. There seems to be a need for more acceptance and education on proper hair care. Sometimes all it takes is showing them that it’s perfectly fine to explore the option of being natural. Not force them.

CB: What are some lessons you have for women on how to be more versatile with their hair? 

Taren: You know, Motions actually recently conducted a survey and found out that nearly half of women with natural-textured hair are seeking more in order to achieve different styles.  We tend to put ourselves in these “hair prisons” and as women, we are infamous for switching it up from time to time. My advice: experiment! Try new and different products, accessorize with headbands and other hair accessories, go straight one week and back to curly the next. I recently did just that with the Motions Straight Finish collection and I honestly felt like a new person. It was fun! That’s another piece of advice: Have fun! With proper basic education on healthy hair care, along with getting to know what works for YOU, versatility becomes less scary.

CB: What are your top three traveling products?

Taren: Hair Rules – Kinky Curl Cream

Carol’s Daughter – Hair Balm

Aussie Moist Conditioner

CB: How will you be managing your hair while traveling through different climates? 

Taren: My hair hates traveling! The varying climates, the dry air on the plane, it just rebels. Usually the problem is that my hair dries out when I travel, so it’s important that I amp up my deep conditioning when on the road. Something a bit more intense than a daily conditioner. Lately I’ve been using the Motions Deep Conditioning Masque, which includes ingredients like shea butter, avocado oil and coconut oil, which are all really moisturizing and hydrating.

CB: Which location are you most excited about journeying to? 

Taren: The place I am most excited about is Amsterdam! I love the fresh perspectives that exist outside of the US. But I do look forward to EVERY city because it’s really all about gathering the perceived experiences of naturalistas all over! They all deal with being natural differently so I feel that LLYH can assist in creating a platform that helps others relate and find solutions through each other.

CB: What do YOU expect to get out of your LLYH tour? 

Taren: I love meeting my followers in person! Connecting with my audience via YouTube and other social media platforms is great, but there’s something very special about that “in person” connection. Talking about hair, style and beauty can be fun but I just like to get deep and add a little substance into the mix. If I know that someone has left one of my events inspired or the experience has triggered some kind of growth for the person who attends, that’s what really makes ME happy.

I have no idea where this path will take me. I mean, I wouldn’t have envisioned this for myself even a year ago, so knowing this in hindsight just makes me more excited about what’s to come in the future! I am planting seeds every step of this journey and just enjoying the ride as I know. There is ONLY room for growth and progression as a brand and on a personal level.


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