Doesn’t it seem like everyone is striving to be sexier? There are tons of articles, news segments and gurus dishing out advice to help you become your sexiest YOU. Though we absolutely believe that that it’s your personal mantra and mentality that can make or break your sizzle, we also understand that there are a few things you can add you beauty treasure chest to really heighten your sensuality. This week, we’ll be teaching you how to reinvent your sex appeal in five different categories. Today, check out these five tips to raising your overall sex appeal.

  1. A GOOD PICK ME UP | A Better Bra: The girls need support. You don’t necessarily need to spend hundreds of dollars on good bras. We recommend a fab push up from Target’s affordable Gilligan & O’ Malley selection.
  2. BEDTIME BABE | Origins A Perfect World Body Cream: Just before bed, you should be sliding on a light scent that’s mild and alluring. This one’s perfect with its sprinkle of ginger and white tea.
  3. CANDY PAINT LIPS |NARS Larger Than Life Lip Gloss: The wet lip look always grabs attention. This creamy magenta shade is super sexy. Paint it on and pucker up.
  4. SICK SILHOUETTE |AG Jeans: Those hips and that bottom deserve a great figure-hugging jean. Myleik says that every girl should have a pair of AG Jeans because they perfectly compliment practically every shape. They also last for YEARS.
  5. SEXY SIREN |Sideswept hair: Hair that’s ever-so-gently swept off to one side can never go wrong, For those who have issue keeping their curls out of their face, we recommend using some cutesy gold bobby pins to hold everything in place. Check out these gold spiked pins.

Tomorrow, we’ll be discussing how to reinvent your glamour.



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