You’re probably already a pro at two-strand twisting your hair but you can always get an even better style.

1. Coil then twist. For super sleek twists, coils your two sections then twist. The result? Firm, nearly perfect, curly twists. This works particularly well for kids.

2. Braid unruly roots. If your roots consistently mess up your style by exploding into a fuzzy mess, braid at the root to tame and conquer. Twist the rest of the way down.

3. Twist in the direction of your style. If you want a cool sideswept look, twist in the direction of your desired, finished look. Make sure your part is in the right place. You’ll have a hard time changing it.

4. Pin down to stretch. If you’re looking to stretch your twists while they dry, as well as conceal straight ends, try rolling ends with a bobby pin and pinning down onto the other twists.

5. Brush first. Brush your wet or dry hair before twisting for the smoothest look. Get all those little snags.

Make sure to unravel your twists using a little Motions Radiating Gloss. Available in the May 2013 curlBOX. 

What are your top twisting tips?


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