For you androgynous dolls, a box cut is killer. There’s something sexy about its boyish flare. The cut demands that the sides be kept low and the top soar to super high heights. Could you rock it? Here are a few tips.

Keep it Kinky: Those with an amazing zig-zag pattern will love this style. Your strong texture lends itself to maintaining the shape. You can twist, coil or braid your strands to create different versions of the look.

Sans the Shave: Do you absolutely have to shave your sides to rock this look? No. You can fake it by smoothing back a short to medium length style with pomade or mousse. Make sure to keep the volume in the front and you can imitate the look.

How High: Is your hair too soft to stick straight up? Use a little hairspray. Trust us, your hair will survive.

Come with us for more looks and more tips.

Go for a traditional box cut or play with layers and levels in the front.

Loving this look? Allow for greater length in the front that extends out on both sides.

Add a literal punch of color to this look with a bold blonde.

Would you rock a box cut?


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