The Big Chop is a big decision, but it can be one of the most liberating choices you’ll ever make. For any one of you chicas that appear to be lost, ‘The Big Chop’ is when you either shave off all of your hair, or cut your hair down to your tiny, natural tendrils sans the ‘white crack.’ Check out our steps to making a fabulous transition to au naturel.

(1) FIGURE OUT IF ‘THE BIG CHOP’ IS RIGHT FOR YOU. If you’re doing it for the purposes of going completely natural, then cut away. The cut will only be temporary and your hair will most likely grow at a nice, steady pace. If you’re trying to be the next Amber Rose, make sure that you’re comfortable with putting your face on full display. A bald head will accentuate your facial features – all of them. Also, does the shape of your head accommodate your fly girl aspirations?

(2) FIND A STYLIST THAT SPECIALIZES IN NATURAL HAIR: Face it, your dedicated stylist never wants you to cut all of those wonderful dollar signs off of your head. As much as you love her, or him, you need a stylist that will be able to properly educate you on natural hair care and help you through that somewhat unpleasant transitioning period. Check out  to find the best natural & curly salons in the nation. We’re not telling you to ditch your stylist, just use the best hair care specialist to style and manage your new look.

(3) USE THE RIGHT PRODUCTS:  Curly hair needs a lot of moisture and we recommend drenching your sexy scalp or uber short tresses in the Curls line. Curls Milkshake is a moisturizing cream derived from natural milks (coconut and sweet almond milk), that literally has super softening powers and a scent so irresistible you’ll have to fight him off. But, we’re sure you won’t. *wink*

(4) FLIRT WITH COLOR: If you’ve always wanted to be a funky red head or a kinky blonde bombshell, go for it! However, do consult your stylist and pick an appropriate hue for your particular skin tone. Natural hair is much stronger than relaxed hair, so you’ll have the freedom of switching up your color more often. Especially considering that your roots will start to show sooner.

(5) STYLE & ACCESSORIZE YOUR NEW FOUND FREEDOM: Play with that pretty face! Break out the colorful makeup and have a ball painting your palette. Experiment with metallics, mattes and techniques that will enhance your cheekbones, brow line and eyes. Folks tend to notice these features first. Urban Decay has some seriously frisky eye shadows that will punch up your lids. Earrings will also become your best friend. Melody Ehsani has a ton of original pieces to throw on with that slinky number you bought last Friday. When in doubt, a large to medium size pair of gold or silver hoops almost never fails.

Now go forth, and cut!



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