It’s been a long time coming for curlBOX and we celebrated our first anniversary yesterday! *pause for applause* Throughout the year, we’ve been documenting this whirlwind experience and we’re finally ready to give our fans a peek at our upcoming mini-doc. The film – a mixture of clips from events, personal chats with Myleik Teele and exclusive looks into the curlBOX warehouse – delves further into the curly phenomenon that is curlBOX.

Since I started curlBOX, my good friend Adell encouraged me to document this experience.  He’d come to the warehouse on a curlBOX ship date with his camera and he’d come to the photo shoots and when the 1 year anniversary for curlBOX was approaching, he suggested that I do a mini-documentary.  As a friend, he knew how much I’d appreciate being able to look back at my year and boy was he right! This is a bit of my story. A bit of how curlBOX gets done. I’m grateful for the year with you. I’m thankful for your business and understanding.  Cheers to a year of dreams and a lifetime of wishes! 

 Happy Birthday, curlBOX!  – Myleik

Check it out.


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