In this new segment, we’ll showcase the latest gorgeous, curly styles, along with suggestions from your current curlBOX.

Whether you’re a buzzed babe rocking the big chop or a lover of a fresh cut, wearing short natural hair requires a few simple tips.

1.  Consider your shape: A buzzed fade simply requires the assistance of a good barber, but a professional cut is essential for growing out your tresses with ease. A tapered neckline always accentuates your style and fret not, the curls at your neckline tend to grow at a rapid pace, so you can keep it trimmed until you allow it to grow evenly with the rest of your mane.

A high top fade a la Grace Jones is a look that can be achieved with any pattern. They key is to focus on maintaining volume up top with shorter sides. You can also fake this style by smoothing back your edges and using a pick to lift at the roots near the front.

Tired of your short cut? Get creative and add faux textured pieces to keep it funky. Check out the Kanekalon braided bun above.

2. Choose definition: Focus on showing off your pattern with your short cut by using a styling aid that firmly sets your look. Start with Isabella’s Own Sulfate Free Shampoo to soften your curls. Use a dollop of Nubian Heritage Treatment Masque and detangle with a paddle brush. Style in-shower or following your conditioning session with Olive Oil Ecostyler Gel. If interested in wearing the style for a few days, use your fingers to gently coil sections and set under a dryer.

3. Refresh daily: You don’t have to do a wash-n-go every day to maintain your look. Instead, use a satin scarf or bonnet to preserve your look at night and use a spritz of water in the morning to reactivate your product.

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