How long are people allowed to say that?  I think this is the last week I’m going to be wishing people a HAPPY NEW YEAR but I think it’s totally fine here since I haven’t blogged since September.  I just went back and read that post and WOW.  It’s great to document feelings because you can go back and see how much you’ve grown (changed).

Shortly after that post, I decided to seek psychotherapy.  There was only so much a friend or family member could offer when it came to the complexity of my feelings – simply put, they weren’t qualified to assist me.  I read all of the comments and many were “keep your head up” and others were to “grow up” (which I completely understood).  It’s easy to suggest how someone should handle feelings that you’ve never experienced before.

You see … The thing about seemingly rapid success is that while it publicly highlights your strengths, it also publicly highlights your flaws.  I had to deal with that.  I wanted to deal with it.  I came to some really interesting conclusions and I will tell you that I am MUCH better.  I always tell my friends that you will think that you know how you will act in a situation until it happens and everything you thought you would do flies out of the window.  Watching videos or reading posts with people saying things that are completely untrue about you (for entertainment I suppose) can kick you in the gut every now and then.  Don’t ever let anyone make you think that they are exempt from feeling that … Ever.  When you set out to destroy someone’s spirit, sometimes it works and other times it makes them even stronger.

I said all of that to say … I’m GOOD!

It’s 2013 and what better time to say … ONWARD!

I’m really excited about this year.  We’re turning 1 next month!  Can you believe it?  We’ve been at it for a year and it’s been an amazing journey.  I’m ready to turn up the creativity and bring even more of the fun ideas I have for this brand to the table.  We’re all growing and learning together and I couldn’t be more enthused to do it right here with you!

People keep asking me what I have planned for 2013 … What’s my next BIG thing?  My next big thing is taking better care of me.  We give to friends, family, work and so on and push and push and push and then one day you realize your internal ATM is overdrawn and you have one of those moments I had last year.  I’m working to avoid that this year.  It’s OK to pour a little bit more into myself and not with things but experiences.  I’m going to be better at nurturing my current friendships.  I’m going to spend time with my friends and family with my phone on silent and IN my purse (and not go to check it every 2 minutes).  I’m going to get out of the house a little bit more (my friend told me last night that people thought I moved away from Atlanta *lol*).  I’m going to talk a little bit longer with you when I meet you at events or in public.  I’m going to do away with my fear of happiness and be vulnerable … And while consistently making these deposits, my hope is to never get overdrawn like that again.

Happy New Year!



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