It’s September!  It’s the infamous “fourth quarter” … A chance to finish strong or accept defeat and prepare to start 2013 out the right way (focused, disciplined, etc).  Either way you cut it, it’s a good time of the year.  And I love Fall!  Don’t you love it?  You’re right on the edge where you can pull off some of the looks that could be side-eye worthy … Or maybe I’m the only one ready to wear daisy dukes and cowboy boots (don’t judge my life). *lol*  I guess that’s more like those few weeks right before Fall begins.   Anywho … Without further ado … This is what I’m feeling this week!

1.  Kate Spade New York “Marianne” Reading Glasses | nordstrom | $68

The doctor prescribed “readers” to me after she learned how many hours I sit staring at the computer.  She said that I should wear them because staring at the computer for hours on end (which I do) is a great way to ruin perfect vision.  I asked her if it was fine if I just bought my own readers (instead of paying for “prescribed” readers) … She said it was fine as long as I didn’t get them at the 99 cent store. *lol*  So I settled on these.  They’re cute and a lot better looking than the last pair I had.

2.  Cole Haan Lunargrand Wingtip | Cole Haan | $278

I actually caught these on sale during one of those times the whole store was 30% off or something.  I like them.  I bought them to wear on marathon meeting days in New York.  They have the Nike technology so you can wear them with skinnies or boyfriend jeans and look super cool.  I guarantee you won’t go 10 minutes without someone complimenting your kicks.  Love the little pops of color!

3.  Ouidad Mongongo Oil Multi-Use Hair Treatment | Ouidad | $36

I was able to try this early and I just love it.  It smells crazy amazing and it is great for those days when you want to refresh your curls without wetting them (either with water or spray leave-in).  Highly doubtful anyone will be disappointed with this product.

4.  Vita Coco Pure Coconut Water with Peach & Mango | Whole Foods | $1.99

Right now this is the only flavor that I’m super into.  It’s soooo good and some what addictive.  I LOVE using it in my green smoothies now.  I genuinely just like the way this tastes … I’m sipping one right now. 🙂

5.  Driven From Within by Michael Jordan | iBooks | $24.99

One of my favorite things to do is read biographies and memoirs of the greats.  There’s always a common denominator when it comes to greatness.  Over the years I’ve been able to hone in on how these people excel and then I do my best to apply some of those qualities to my life.  It usually always begins with being true yourself (honoring whatever your calling is) and then working your butt off!  I’m only a few chapters into this but MJ talks about the “Jordan” brand in the beginning so you know I’m all ears.  The Jordan brand is STILL selling out in a day.

Until the next week!


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