Dr. Kari, my hair is broken off along my hairline and doesn’t seem to grow on the edges. I am switching my styles from pulling it back so much, but I’ve heard about some shots that grow your hair. What are these shots and who can I get them from?

I am sorry to hear about the breakage you are experiencing around your hair line. It is important to reduce stress and avoid hairstyles that create excess tension, so you are already on the right path. Medical Dermatologists are able to provide corticosteroid injections for patients who are experiencing hair loss. Some women see great results from these injections. You may also be a good candidate for the injections, but you must first check with a dermatologist. The steroid injections are designed to reduce inflammation in the epidermal layer of the scalp so that hair can continue to grow. If there is scar tissue that has formed because of any trauma you have experienced around your hair line from styling, the injections will not be beneficial. Again, check with your dermatologist. I hope you are able to get the results you desire. If you have any further questions feel free to contact me.

Dr. Kari



About Dr. Kari Williams:

Dr. Kari Williams is a talented natural hair stylist and licensed barber, Dr. Kari owns and operates Mahogany Revolution salon and a Trichology Clinic in the Beverly Hills area.  Dr. Kari’s advanced and specialized degrees were earned from the International Institute of Trichology (M.A.) and Elan Center for Trichology (Ph.D in Trichology).   For more information on Dr. Kari Williams, please visit: http://www.drkariwilliams.com



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