Welcome to the launch of our all new curlBLOG!  I’m incredibly grateful for everyone that pitched in to see to it that this happened.  This is a bit of what I’m feeling this week.

1.  Rick Ross “God Forgives, I Don’t” | $13.99 | itunes | I’m a fan of Rick Ross as an artist in the way that he selects beats and the consistent art direction of all of his singles.  I just love the way he works.  A few weeks ago he dropped this amazing album.  I’m rotating between: 3 Kings, Amsterdam, Presidential, Ice Cold (Shout out to Omarion! Don’t judge my life).

2.  Bond No. 9 Broadway Nite | $160.00 | Saks | I originally bought this to wear at night and then I wore it a few times at night and just fell in love with it.  I started wearing it during the day and got tons compliments.  You  just feel so sexy when you wear this.

3.  Le Grande Cafe Candle Jar in Blackberry | $49.99 | Amazon | My friends call me a “candle snob.”  I really don’t know WHAT it is with me and these candles but I LOVE to always have one lit while I’m working.  I love just having that scent flowing.  This is amazing and it was on sale!

4. La Croix Peach Pear Sparkling Water | not sure | Publix | I drink sparkling water instead of soda so I always have these in my fridge.  This is a new flavor and I can’t say that I’m mad at it.  It’s pretty darn good!  I usually have graprefruit or berry.

5.  Qhemet Biologics Aethiopika Hydrate Twist Butter | $14.95 | Sage Naturalceuticals | CharyJay used this on my hair one time and fell in love with it.  I think my hair is just in LOVE with Mango Butter.  It smells good and the twist outs are super defined and moisturized!

Until next week!


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