curlBLOG is excited about Techturized.  This marriage of tech and beauty provides a new platform for interaction for girls with curls online.  Techturized is currently participating in Flashpoint, a startup accelerator from Georgia Tech, based in Atlanta, GA.  After competing with over 50 companies to make it into Flashpoint, Techturized received investment to strengthen their idea.  The founders will pitch to investors in Atlanta, New York City and Silicon Valley to continue raising funds.  Find out more about the fab four founders and their innovative site.

What is Techturized? 

Techturized is a story-telling platform for women to discover the connection between hair and life.  Women upload photos and describe moments to tell an authentic story.  When you share your story, you become a part of a community of women who receive recommendations, resources, and expert advice for your hair and life.

Who are the founders of Techturized?

From stilettos to lab coats, Europe to Africa, corporate America to entrepreneurship, these ladies have defied all odds despite circumstances.  Four young, black female entrepreneurs gave up everything to pursue their dreams.   They quit their jobs and moved across the country, leaving their old lives behind.  These women are grinding and are fully committed to bringing this idea into reality.


Founders, Candace, Chanel, Jess, and Joy, are all alumni from Georgia Tech. With backgrounds in Computer Science and Chemical Engineering, they bring innovation and technical expertise to hair and storytelling.

Where is the brand now and what’s next for Techturized?

The founders are in the lab at this very moment, refining the platform and incorporating women’s feedback from around the world. Techturized is connecting with Jane Carter, Eden Body Works, and Carol’s Daughter to tell the stories behind the brands you love.


Join Myleik and tell your story on today!

View Myleik’s story here:


Connect with the founders of Techturized on Pinterest, Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @techturized


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