On June 21st I made the trek out to Brooklyn for the Karen’s Body Beautiful/curlBox meet up; there was no way I was going to miss a chance to meet Myleik in person!  I made the trip sans AC in damn near 100 degree weather, so by the time I got there, I was NOT pleased to discover I had to wait on line to enter.

Thankfully I found great parking about two blocks away so I wasn’t in a mood from the walk. On my way to the shop, I stopped at a vendor’s table on the corner of Waverly and Myrtle. I had the pleasure of meeting and having a really nice convo with Sharon and purchased a few items. It was nice to begin my evening with such a warm and friendly spirit. She set the night off just perfectly for me. Thanks Sharon. Shortly after speaking with Sharon, I made my way across the street to wait on line. It turns out, that even though it was only an hour into the event, the shop had reached it’s max capacity and we had to wait until some ladies left, before more of us could get in.


While waiting on line, I met two beautiful naturals that I chatted with while I waited. The great convo made for an easy wait. I will also say, that I was very pleased and impressed with how our wait was handled. Karen and Myleik both came out to greet and speak with us and we were given bottles of water. We were constantly being thanked for our patience and support and they even engaged in convo suffering the heat with us. THAT made me feel truly appreciated, and I appreciate that. These are not only the kinds of businesses I love to support, but the type of people I enjoy supporting as well. Thank you to Karen and Myleik for being great people. Period. I’d like to mention that I was surprised when Myleik recognized me while standing on line; sunglasses and all. We’ve developed a warm rapport online, but I honestly didn’t think that she would recognize me without me confirming “Hey boo! It’s Ms.Vixin!” I felt…. acknowledged. I genuinely admire Myliek and what she does, so for her to recognize me (I’m smiling and nodding my head now, but ya’ll can’t see that) I was proud of myself for making an impression and flattered at the same damn time.

When I finally got inside I met up with a friend that I hadn’t seen since the 90′s lol. It was great to see you Alwina! By the time I arrived inside there weren’t any giveaways, and I was too hot to want any type of alcohol in my system. I waited on line forever, because their was only one register (it’s a spa, there’s no need for more than one. But for an event, it made for a brutal line) but I was determined to support someone who’d made me feel so welcomed. I’m gonna segue here and tell you how much I LOVE Karen’s hair nectar. I used the complete conditioner and the hair nectar…..chi…. girl…. YES. I saw curls I didn’t even know I had lol. I messed it up by trying to seal it with the Creamylicious I purchased, which frizzed me up and took away some definition. After looking on their site, I learned that butters work best on dry or damp hair. My hair was definitely soaking wet. That’s probably where I went wrong.  Anywho back to the event. After purchasing my items (I brought four trial sized pieces, the Butter Love, Creamylicious, Complete Hair Conditioner & the Hair Nectar Leave-In Conditioner) I made my way over to Myleik to catch her before she left. Can I tell you how awesome she is? She is so animated and I just love her honesty and energy. She’s single handily trying to get me to eat healthier lol, and I adore her for that. I started today, and that shit is expensive as hell. You can def look forward to me blogging about my quest to be healthy on the cheap. Definitely.

Before I left I made sure to tell Karen how much I appreciated the way she handled us having to wait. I’m a believer in telling people when they are appreciated; why not share a blessing right? She was so warm and receptive. She’s one of those people who when you meet them, you’re like, wait, who’s really this nice? lol I hope she really is. She exudes such a warm spirit. Not only did I have a nice time, I learned a few things (really one thing, that showed itself in two different areas) about myself and discovered where I personally need improvement.  I need to be more assertive. Both Chelsea and Fran the natural hair gurus that we’ve all grown to love and appreciate were there. I had a perfect opportunity to reach out and ask to snag a picture with them. In my head, I was “ugh I don’t want to be THAT girl.”  The Queens girl I am is a professional at staying out of the way and minding my own business. I hate feeling like I’m intruding on peoples’ personal space. I personally don’t like my space invaded, so I extend that same courtesy to others. However, I realize I need to learn to finesse certain situations so that I achieve the task at hand — making valuable and meaningful connections. This also showed itself in my reluctance to hand out cards. I have amazing business cards. I’m always getting questions about where I got them done and I’m really proud of the effort, detail and attention I put into them. However, I don’t believe in walking down a line of people and simply handing out my card. I’d rather establish a relationship with someone and then mention, “Hey I also blog. You should check out my site.” I didn’t have a problem with holding conversation with the ladies around me, but I just couldn’t find a comfortable way to introduce the topic of my blog. I’d personally rather it just come up, over me mentioning it and suggesting it as a topic of conversation.  In this case, I think I need to have a few “go to” lines to use to get conversation going in that general direction. Lesson learned.

Overall, I had an amazing time. I’ve thoroughly fallen in love with my new conditioner and leave-in conditioner, and can’t wait to go back for a spa treatment! Thank you to Karen and Myleik for hosting such an amazing event.

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Myleik said:  I got an email from this young lady right at the beginning of launching the business.  She asked me a lot of questions and was honest in her email  … She reminded me so much of myself.  She was curious, passionate and authentic.  I followed some of her tweets and she’s LIVE ON STAGE (*lol*) but I love that.  Be YOU.   We did another interview that I’m sure you can find on her blog but when I went to Brooklyn for the cB + KBB meet up I was DOG TIRED.  I had done 10 meetings in 2 days and I had to come to this event because I PUT IT ON … but I was so TIRED.  It was HOT and then I saw that there was a line.  I was floored by that but also upset because I absolutely don’t ever want anyone to wait (outside) for me or anything I’m doing.  My immediate action was to put myself in the same situation as everyone else (outside IN the heat).  I walked the line to introduce myself and chat with with everyone and as I walk back, who do I see?? Ms. Vixin!  Good kid. People are always shocked that I recognize them or acknowledge them.  You are as much an inspiration to me as I am to you.  The fact that you’re all out here TRYING is inspiring because I am too. 🙂 


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