New beauty products launch daily, but unless you work in the industry, chances are you’ve missed or overlooked a product that could improve your beauty regimen. That’s an even truer statement when it comes to the rapidly growing market for curly or multi-textured hair. Noticing that the market was growing but consumers remained underserved, Myleik Teele, already the owner of a PR firm, launched a monthly product sample subscription service called curlBOX. We catch up with her to find out what drives her passion for helping curly girls.

What is curlBOX?: It’s an affordable, effortless, and easy way to explore new hair products. A hand-selected array of five-to-seven products for curly hair are delivered to your doorstep every month. Subscribers pay $20 per month for the service, which ends up being a fraction of what all of the samples would have cost.

How she broke into this business: I spent the last few years working with new beauty brands that focused on solutions for curly hair. After going to many of the meet-ups and hair shows I noticed a void in the market. If more women had access to these products, their lives would be much easier…so I started curlBOX!

Her “claim to fame”: I used to do a lot of tour publicity with my PR firm, so I’ve worked with Linkin Park and Prince. I spent many years working with Travis Barker after he did the MTV show “Meet The Barkers.” I had a ton of fun working with him. He is a visionary beyond words and he came from nothing.

REFLECTIONS: Hometown: Inglewood, Calif. *Age: 32 *First job: PR Associate at B|W|R Public Relations * Advice she would have given herself 10 years ago: Honor your process. Each and everything that you do is simply building for YOUR moment. * Most valuable life lesson learned: Spend more time ACTING as opposed to reacting. You’ll never know what will happen if you never try. People are afraid of failing, but as long as you learn from your failures and mistakes, it’s like failing forward–you never really fail at all. * Words to live by: Need nothing, attract everything. I have always believed that you will always have everything that is for you when you aren’t desperate for it. If you don’t get something or if you’re rejected, you have to accept the fact that it’s not for you and something better (and a better fit) is on the way.

DIVERSIONS: Reading now: I’m revisiting The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz this week. You can never get enough of this book. * Reading next: I want to finish theSteve Jobs biography. * Last fun purchase: I recently bought a few cute pairs of sneakers from Sportie LA. I usually don’t wear sneakers unless I’m in the gym, but I decided to get two pairs of Nike Air Rifts and a fun pair of Jordans.

PLAYING FAVORITES: Beauty Product: Vivant Exfol-A (Level II) * Getaway: Miami * Hotel: L’Ermitage Beverly HillsEntrée: Quarter chicken (white) with garden salad and broccoli pasta from California Chicken Cafe * Drink: Veuve Clicquot Champagne Brut Rosé

Myleik said: This is the first time I worked with Sakita.  She’s just a GOOD writer.  I feel like she gets the BEST stuff out of me every single time.  


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