We wanted to take a second and answer some of the questions that we get every day in hopes that it helps out a bit.

Q:  I signed up for a curlBOX but I didn’t get one!

A:  When we launched our site in November, we were asking you to sign up for more info.  If you have signed up for more info you will receive a series of emails from us (attempting to get to know your better) … 🙂 … It’s important to open and read those emails because that is where we tell you when the “list” to sign up to be come a VIP subscriber is open.

Q:  I keep hearing about getting on the “list” …. What is the list anyway?

A:  When we say this service is exclusive, it’s the truth!  We have a limited number of subscriptions each month and if you want a curlBOX, you should be sure to get on the list.

Q:  How am 100% sure that I will be getting a curlBOX?

A:  You should have a ORDER CONFIRMATION once you have ordered.

Q:  I ordered my box on Feb 6th but didn’t get a box yet!

A:  The way curlBOX works is that you get on the “list” a month in advance.  So all of the ladies receiving the PREMIERE curlBOX signed up on January 3rd.  If you signed up in Feb, your curlBOX ships March 7th.

Q:  When will the list open again?

A:  The lists opens up monthly and we never really know what date that will be which is why we suggest that you check our Facebook and Twitter pages daily and be sure to open the emails when we send them because we always let everyone that has entered their email address on the site know FIRST.

Q:  Do you shop to military APO addresses?

A:  YES!  We have to ship them via USPS as opposed to UPS but we can get your curlBOX to you.

Q:  I’m trying to use my coupon for the Huetiful Hair Steamer but the discount won’t readjust in the store.

A: Be sure to click “APPLY CHANGES” after you have entered your code to see the price adjusted.

Q:  I got an email yesterday saying that even though I bought in jan ( and got a box!), I wasn’t on the list for a new box  :(. I purchased a new monthly subscription yesterday when I got the email….am I getting a march box?

A: As stated in the email, we made a mistake but HELD YOUR SPOT for the March box.  This gives you an opportunity to cancel if you don’t want to continue with us (and allow other curlies to get in on the goods) or you just sign up again and you will receive the March box.  No panic zone. 🙂

Hope that answers some of your questions for now.  Thanks and have a great weekend!



Membership has its benefits! CURLBOX is first come first serve. Sign up for our waitlist and be the FIRST to be notified when subscriptions open each month so you can snag your box!