It’s 4:30AM and I’m wide awake.  I’ve been up for about a half an hour because I’m super excited about the very first curlBOX shipping this morning.  I’ve been waking up at this time (in the middle of the night) ever since I started thinking about the curlBOX idea back in August.  I kept wondering HOW I was going to get this out of my head and bring it to life in a way that was attractive to others.  I knew it was something that I would want but would others want this as well?  They did and I’m so thrilled.

I’m pretty sure the list for March subscribers is closed.  Each month we’ll add new VIP subscribers.  When I went to bed last night I got an email that there were only 10 left and before I actually closed my eyes I saw that 8 or 9 more people purchased so there could be 1 left this morning.  I think it took us around 22 hours to sell out the first time.  Yesterday?  Around 12.  Awesome!

If I go back to sleep (hoping that I get a few hours because I have tons of work to do), I will get up head over the fulfillment center around 8a.  They planned on packing the boxes yesterday so I went over (all excited) because I want to be 200% sure that they get this right.  Once we get on a roll I can let them do it without my supervision (who am I kidding? LOL – some say I have OCD).

I met with the packing manager and the ladies at the center yesterday and showed them all of the pieces that will go in this month’s box.  Those aren’t curlBOXES in the pic.  Ha!  But I showed them everything and they thought it was  really cool idea and they even smelled the products in the demo box I put together for them.  There are quite a few moving parts to this whole operation.  There’s the outer box that the cB ships in, the actual curlBOX, tissue paper to protect your goodies, the actual goodies, some good deals/coupons and then there are the packing pillows that go on top of your cB so that it’s nice and snug when it reaches your doorstep.

I pulled the trigger and said YES to UPS.  Wanted to make sure these got to you safe and sound and that we can TRACK them if they come up missing.  Along the way I always ask myself “How would I want to receive a curlBOX?”  The answer is fab packaging, PRODUCTS (duh!), a fun magazine tie-in (because I’ve been obsessed with magazines since I was a kid – instead of going for the candy at the grocery store check in, I’d try to throw a bunch of magazines on top of our groceries) and to be able to track my goodies if need be.  I’m probably the only one that gets a little excited hearing the UPS truck pull up to my door.  LOL!

The day is here.  February 7, 2012.  Still so surreal.  Out of my head and into your homes.  People will attempt to talk you out of your ideas and dreams.  I’m here to let you know you can do anything you set your mind to … Anything.

I’ll be back with the update on how the packing and shipping goes today and can’t wait to get your thoughts this week!


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