When we launched this service we tried our BEST to explain that it is a service for a LIMITED number of subscribers (for now).  We open up the subscriptions ONCE a month to inviting you to come join the party.  The only thing is, we have have no control over who becomes a member and who doesn’t.  The ones that become member are “in the know” and read all of the emails and updates so they know when we open our list.  The subs usually sell out pretty fast.  The last time we opened them we had 100+ in the first hour.

Tips to become a VIP subscriber:

Open and READ the emails when we send them.

Join us on Facebook and Twitter because we always announce there.

Don’t wait until “later” when you see the list open up.

Good luck!  Happy sampling!



Membership has its benefits! CURLBOX is first come first serve. Sign up for our waitlist and be the FIRST to be notified when subscriptions open each month so you can snag your box!