“An affordable, effortless and exclusive way to experience products for CURLY HAIR!”


Los Angeles, CA (November 17, 2011) – If you’re “natural,” you’ve probably spent more money in the first few months on products for your hair than you spent over the last few years combined.  And if by chance you’ve just “gone natural,” not ally are you spending money trying to find what works … you’re likely to become frustrated with each purchase.  The solution to this problem is curlBOX, an exclusive, affordable and effortless way to explore new hair care products delivered to your doorstep each month.

“After taking on beauty clients that focused on solutions for women with naturally curly hair, I was instantly exposed to a plethora of products.  I’ve been to the World Natural Hair Show and many of the meet-ups and the conversations I had with each person I met were the same, they want results.  Where do you begin?  One thing that works on someone’s hair that looks JUST like yours doesn’t work on yours,” said Myleik Teele founder and president of curlBOX.  “curlBOX will give women the opportunity to try several products for the price of one!”


Every month subscribers receive 5-7 quality hair product samples for a monthly fee ($20).  Cancel anytime.


Subcribers can look forward to extraordinary products from established brands as well as some really great and up and coming brands.


Join.  Each box will have extraordinary value.   Discovering what’s best for your hair couldn’t be any easier.  We have curated incredible boxes and located some of the best products that we KNOW you’re going to love!  If for any reason you don’t, cancel anytime.


At midnight on November 16, 2011, we launched the first ever subscription-based service for curly hair.  Within minutes of launching, hundreds began signing up.  The market is saturated with products for curly hair and some are easier to get than others.  Not only that, curls are DNA … No one person has the same curl, even if it is the same “type.”



Membership has its benefits! CURLBOX is first come first serve. Sign up for our waitlist and be the FIRST to be notified when subscriptions open each month so you can snag your box!