One of our fave bloggers on the world wide web is the fabulous CharyJay!  We always scan her blog and Youtube channel for the latest “how to” when it comes to styling and she’s funny as can be!

She recently did a “Battle of the Butters” on her blog.  This is what she had to say:

As a natural hair vlogger that reviews a handful of new products on a regular basis, it is expected that I am bombarded with questions related to my favorite or staple products. Unfortunately, I don’t like to play favorites when it comes to my products. It’s just so hard to pick “that over this” when it comes to certain brands. So instead, I decided to start a “Battle of the Butters” post that will showcase my favorite butters and my results when wearing ‘dos styled with these products. Since I get a ton (literally) of questions related to Original Moxie and Entwine Couture, I’m going to feature them in this post along with my newbie favorite brand for butters, Afroveda.

First up: Butters by themselves.
Original Moxie’s Lux Locs VS Entwine Couture’s Jelle Styler

As you can see, the Original Moxie’s Lux Locks gives me a BOMB twist-out the first and second day of wearing the style, but if I don’t re-twist (which I did not do on the third and fourth day, which is normal for me), my twist-outs turn into a big and undefined fro. This is pretty much expected if you don’t re-twist with virtually any product, but since I’m a busy gal, I refrain from using products that makes it mandatory to re-twist to still obtain a nice looking twist-out throughout the week.

Now look at Entwine’s twist-out using their Jelle Styler. I can get away with getting a nice twist-out without having to re-twist it at all! I even picked out my hair after wearing the style for three days and my fro looked light and fluffy (I definitely got a load of compliments when wearing this oldie but goodie style (for-hawk). However, my hair is not as soft as Original Moxie’s Lux Locs makes it, but to be completely honest, when I’m on the go, that’s the last thing I’m thinking about.
Now let’s take a look at butters with their “sister” product.
This is my favorite combo! Original Moxie’s Lux Locks with Original Moxie’s Just Gel. Why do I like it so much? Because I can wear a protective style for five to six days and still get a lovely looking twist-out after taking it down and it still feels as soft as ever! WHAT???!!?! How awesome is that?! I also use it when I’m trying to get an elongated, super defined twist-out when my hair is wet (not completely tho. This doesn’t cure the “curl disease” that is known as shrinkage lo.l It’s not a miracle worker!).
With Entwine’s Jelle Styler and Creme De La Mold (which gives hair a “firm hold”) it also gives me lovely results. I initially loved the Creme De La Mold specifically for my braid outs, but once I realized it could be used as a substitute for gel, I was even more delighted. The hold it gives my twist-out is great because it doesn’t make them hard and i can steal get a nice looking twist-out when unraveling them.
Here’s another shot of its magic:
And lastly, I bring you to my newly favorite twist-out product: Afroveda’s Hemp Seed Lock, Twist and Roll Butter.
Lots of GOOD info eh?!
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